20 January, 2010

My First T-shirt Design

This is my illustration's class assignment...got to put this art piece on T-shirt...erm as you guys can see i gather all my favorite band member and came out with this piece of art work....the group that i included in this artwork was Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Incubus, and last but not least Korn. Will upload the picture once i print it on tee....^_^


HanLun said...

hi.. wanna know how do u print on t-shirt after design?
u use printer?

Steven 云大豪 Wan said...

Hi HanLun....actually i use a special print paper to put my artwork on tee...The name of the paper was called "Prinzet" it's a very soft paper for you to transfer you artwork or any printed images in on your T-shirt....You can get this paper at "Digital Mall", PJ SEK 14..

All the instruction on how to transfer the your images is include in the package..

Copy on the link below for more info...