31 May, 2010

Stevenone Self Portrait Photography 2010

Stevenone Self Portrait Photography 2010
Camera : Nikon D70s
Location : Studio Digicolor
This is my first Portrait Photography assignment..learn a lot from my sir...and it's fun ^^

Thanks to my Photographer Amy and Siti.....

For larger image click on the link below

21 May, 2010

Putting my artwork on very very small canvas...hmm...not bad ^^

Putting my artwork on very very small canvas...for this art piece i used 2 color (Black & Red) 0.6 artline, i took 45 minutes to finish it...since the canvas is so small..^^

(Red Dragon)

(Blue Sky)

14 May, 2010

My New Movie.....in theater 2012

Me and my buddy Mike New Movie call "The Battle" coming soon in theater 2012 ^^

The Official Movie Poster....

Curi curi...edit with my friend "Mike" picture....hope he won't mind...haha

Combine 4 picture for my first manipulation
images..will try to do more next time...

03 May, 2010

Yes Academy Shoes Design Promo Outdoor Shooting...

This is my College Shoes Design Promo Outdoor Shooting due to participation for KL Design Week 2010...we took some photo shot to deliver our shoes design concept ^^

Theme: Youth
Photographer : Mr.Eddie
Model : Our great looking lectures and Student ^^

This one was just a joke...~~