28 December, 2010

Last Artwork in 2010...more to come in 2011 ^^

Last 2 Artwork in 2010...more to come in 2011 ^^

I also submit this two art piece to http://www.rekatee.com/design/catalog/

Feel free to vote for my design, Thanks ^^

Complete Artwork Album Click on the link below :

24 December, 2010

Interactive Art fun in Facebook ''We Merry Your Christmas!''

Guys ..This is it!!
The very 1st completes stage of our interactive art fun in Facebook
"We Merry Your Christmas !"
Wishing all the joyful harmony X'mas to everyone - from The Interactive Art Group =)

14 December, 2010

24 November, 2010

Packaging Assignment - Redesign "Justea" Mascot

Hi guys, this is my another packaging assignment, i'm not try to redesign the "Justea Brand" just part of my assignment that i would like to share and need some comment too...^^

Also would like to thanks to Suet Li that help us out for becoming our model ^^

17 November, 2010

Packaging Assignment - Yeo's Christmas Twin Pack

This is my Packaging Assignment - Yeo's Christmas Twin Pack
I Created two flavor Red and Green Apple Juice. Feel free to comment ^^

13 November, 2010

Using Artline 0.4.....

Feel free to comment
Artline 0.4 (Black)

20 October, 2010

My First Indesign Assignment

Sample Content Page

Sample Page 01

Sample Page 02

My First Indesign Assignment..to view the complete magazine click on the link below

18 October, 2010

Toys No Fun Exhibition 2010 - by Dweey.com and Toy Minister

My Artwork was printed for the exhibition thanks to Luk

Toys no Fun news at The One Academy came out The Star paper. Grab a copy. this is the online version :

09 October, 2010

25 September, 2010

Stevenone Photography Shampoo Ad....

Final Image

Making 0f_01

Making 0f_02

Making 0f_03

Making 0f_04

I also would like to thanks to my model Postca Cheok to help me out in this project....^^

14 August, 2010

05 August, 2010

My Submission to Dweey.com

Submission 01

Submission 02

Join Dweey Fan's Club at facebook ^^

02 July, 2010

17 June, 2010

Stevenone as Vampiress

Not Twilight but The Vampiress