14 November, 2009

Stop Motion Animation - The Tricks

This is my first Stop Motion Animation...unfortunately i can't get the background sound in to this video....need some comment guys...this animation was done by me and my group mate Rubini.....Hope you guys enjoy it ^^

29 October, 2009

My First Painted Shoe......

This is my First Painted shoe...planning to do more ^^

18 February, 2009

==Steven @rK wOrK==

+The Kingz+



The Warz

The Defender

The Crewz

Supreme Heroes

Steven Wan


Red City

The prison skull


Mixture 004

Mixture 003

Mixture 002

Mixture 001

Hell Galz


Comix World




+Angelz vs. Devilz+

+The ying & yang+

+The Defender+

+The Mixture+

+The Destroyer+

+The Develz+

+The Mask+

+The Doctor+

+The Circus+

+The Kakun+

+The Fly Cow +

+The Fist+

This was my artwork collection, i'll updated one a month....^_^ Hope you guys like it and don't forget to leave me a comment.