18 February, 2009

==Steven @rK wOrK==

+The Kingz+



The Warz

The Defender

The Crewz

Supreme Heroes

Steven Wan


Red City

The prison skull


Mixture 004

Mixture 003

Mixture 002

Mixture 001

Hell Galz


Comix World




+Angelz vs. Devilz+

+The ying & yang+

+The Defender+

+The Mixture+

+The Destroyer+

+The Develz+

+The Mask+

+The Doctor+

+The Circus+

+The Kakun+

+The Fly Cow +

+The Fist+

This was my artwork collection, i'll updated one a month....^_^ Hope you guys like it and don't forget to leave me a comment.


nurulzallifah said...

wow..nice work steven..keep up a good work will ya..maybe one day u can draw me one..hehe

+steven@one+ said...

No problem....anytime ^_^

~Live Life~ said...

Some creative artwork you have here! Keep it up man!

What do you call your "genre"? And what are you studying? *curious*

Agnes Sim said...

cute drawing

Steven 云大豪 Wan said...

Thank man ^_^

Well, i will call my genre as mixture of different of shapes. Because i always start creating my artwork with my favorite shapes pattern or maybe any sign,symbols that i can see in my surround environment.

Erm..i currently doing my Diploma in Graphic Design...so beside my artwork i'll post my assignment too ...Yah, stay tuned b'coz more artwork is coming soon ^_^

Steven 云大豪 Wan said...

Thanks Agnes ^_^

~Live Life~ said...

Will be waiting for that!

・†‡☆ 【cAmMy】 ☆‡†・ said...

cool....ur artwork is kinda creative!
it has aspired me!!!! lolx..

Steven 云大豪 Wan said...

Thanks Cammy...thanks for dropping by too....more of my new artwork is coming soon. Feel free to drop by again ^_^

Don Topa said...

wow bro! very cool design!..
can i take some of ur artwork and print to a shirt?

Steven 云大豪 Wan said...

Hi Don Topa,

Thanks for your interest on my artwork...^_^

Well you can take any 3 of my artwork for your T-shirt printing..but i just have two condition...which is can you include my blogspot URL


at your T-shirt when the time you print it on tee...Second can you send some of the picture for the
T-shirt that you print so i can post it on my blog...^_^

Hope this won't bring any inconvenience to you ^_^

My Contact detail is below :